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Old Industrial City

European cities will hardly grow in terms of the area occupied, as in the latest 150 years; therefore, they must be regenerated, rebuilt on themselves, rehabilitated, restored and adapted to new requirements. This should be done without losing the fundamental idea: providing service and life quality to its inhabitants.


Barcelona will hold its title as the host of the Mobile WORLD Congress until the year 2023,as signed with the GSMA, the association that represents the world´s main network providers, and that organizes this fair every year. The agreement has been celebrated with enthusiasm in the city.


From 4 to 7 December, the Northeast of Portugal will host the first international forum on Tourism, Smart Cities and ICT

It will be in Portugal, but not in Lisbon; nor in Oporto. The appointment will be even further, further up on the map: the former province of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro, a Portuguese historic region located in the northeast of the country, on the border with the Autonomous Communities in Spain, namely Galicia and Castilla y León. There, from 4 to 7 December, the cities of Bragança and Mirandela will host Smart Travel•14,the first international forum on Smart Destinations, which will bring together world specialists in the sector of the new Information and Communication Technologies (ICTS) applied to the Tourism, in all its areas.

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