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SMART BUILDING, the latest addition to our repertoire, displays the latest efforts in sustainable architecture, construction and manufacturing of building materials that seek energy efficiency, environmental respect and durability, created through innovation and research.

Perhaps even more so than with other segments, the last economic crisis certainly took its toll on construction and its environment: architects, companies, property developers, manufacturers, etc…. professions which have lived through harsh years and that have barely survived the pull of such a socioeconomical tsunami. The storm seems to have passed and, like in other sectors, it´s time for reconversion. Those of us working in the sector are practically rebuilding from scratch, using the advantages granted by technology, but never forgetting that the values derived from it must revert, and be at the disposition, of the citizens as the great survivors in a new world. In this scenario, SMART BUILDING is born: a bold, innovative and unique publication, with the support of the leading group in the Smart global market and publisher of the outlets SC Actual Smart City, Smart Quimic and Smart Health.

The goal of this new publication, presented at the Beyond Building Barcelona fair in May 2015, is to display projects, ongoing constructions and completed buildings alike, but always under the evaluation of whether its final shape adjusts to the initial projections. Rehabilitation, the management of architectural heritage, urban development, retrofitting, energetic efficiency, connections between buildings and the new path taken by companies, which show a vast potential for business creation after the 8-14% increase in the use of new technologies. This catharsis requires innovation and research, and the free access to information for all these professionals if they are to improve our lives. Such is our purpose and our compromise.