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Companies of any size, and from all economic sector, attracted to the business posibilities of the Smart worldwide market. Promote your projects and boost your positioning in the sector, through the best community designed for Smart enterprises.

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Subscription to our publications

All members of the SCBI, in any of its categories, will receive all our publications in digital format, sent to an email of their choice, and free of charge: these magazines are SC Actual Smart City, Smart Quimic and Smart Health. Soon, Smart Building will also be available- a publication about domotics and Smart construction techniques.

Smart City TV

In addition to our exclusive magazines, we have a corporate Youtube cannel in which we will publish interviews, reports, Project overviews and more, to provide our members with the best exposure and promotion tools. Corporate videos can be a very useful and effective means to increase a company´s visibility, especially on the Internet and social media.

Corporate members of the Smart City Business Institute can publish one multimedia clip per year in our cannel, to increase the exposure of their business branches and other news.

Events calendar

Three-month events calendar, including detailed information on Smart-related events all over the world. Members of the Smart City Business Institute are offered discounts in registration or special offers that include travel and accommodation.

Smart Community

The main rendezvous point where the key agents of the Smart sector gather, where they can showcase their activities and business branches in great detail, and where they can meet the best business partners. Companies, city halls or professionals, the main actors in the Smart stage are present here.

Our Smart Community allows members to create a detailed profile with data such as their company´s location, businesess focuses and current projects, as well as allowing them to view the profile of other members as well. 

Branded Content

Branded Content is a very powerful tool to reinforce the Brand perception of a company, as it further expands the information on a company´s services with greater detail, improving its exposure and added value.

Members of the Corporate category may choose to publish a page of Branded Content per year, or an inside page of advertising, free of charge in both cases, in any of our magazines. Their activities will also receive further exposure through our social media.


Members of the Corporate category may choose to publish a page of Branded Content per year, or an inside page of advertising, free of charge in both cases, in any of our magazines (SC Actual Smart City, Smart Health, Smart Quimic o Smart Building) of your choice.

In addition, these companies will also be able to publish a piece about them in the website of the magazine SC Actual Smart City, with an average of 400.000 visits/month, or in the website of any of the Institute´s magazines.

Legal framework updates

Up-to-date topics on Spanish and European legal frameworks, as well as other international legal frameworks. Keep current on any change in the regulations involving Smart Cities, and make sure your project is feasible from a legal point of view. 


The Smart City Business Institute´s newsletter offers the most relevant information to stay updated about the Smart sector. With a biweekly regularity, this communication outlet includes the top news of the sector, our partner´s activities, our associate´s projects and an exhaustive introduction to the nearest Smart City event, among other contents.

Corporate members will be able to publish their informations in our newsletter.