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Los avances tecnológicos han puesto de manifiesto la necesidad de un marco más sólido y coherente para la protección de datos en la UE. La autora explica cómo será el escenario cuando se aplique la nueva regulación europea en materia de protección de datos y su impacto en el ámbito de las ‘smart cities’. Durante un período de dos años, los Estados miembros deberán adaptar su normativa a las disposiciones del RGPD.

According to a new market research report ‘Internet of things (IoT) in smart cities market by Solutions (Remote Monitoring, Data Management) Platform (Application & Device Management) Application (Building Automation, Energy Management, Transportation)–Global Forecast to 2020’, published by MarketsandMarkets. The market size is estimated to grow from USD 51.96 Billion in 2015, at an estimated Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 23.2% during the forecast period.

For the Best Tech Innovation in Commercial and Corporate Real Estate of 2016, at Realcomm.

Influential ministerial delegates and eHealth experts from across Europe and the globe have come together to discuss how they can join forces to improve healthcare in Europe through information technology. 

The Andalusian Agency for Healthcare Quality is a pioneer in setting a regulation regarding the quality and the security of Healthcare apps

The mobile health or mHealth is changing the way health services are offered, promising a better life quality and a better security system for patients, offering new and more efficient means of work and improving the participation and the implication of citizenship. 

Dr. Marom Bikson is a Cattell Professor of Biomedical Engineering at The City College of New York (CCNY) of the City University of New York (CUNY) and co-Director of the Neural Engineering Group at the New York Center for Biomedical Engineering. The translational R&D activity of his group spans pre-clinical studies, computational models, device design and fabrication, regulatory activities, and clinical trials.

The Ecoffice project is the result of a research project aimed at erecting a passive and sustainable tertiary building, labelled BREEAM, at the same cost as standard offices

The Mexican government invests in various studies and programs in order to move the country towards sustainability.

In the context of Smart Building, energetic efficiency is always discussed and placed on the spotlight... but often referring to the electric grids or infrastructures installed. During the last decades, we have forgotten about another crucial energy element: the composition and capacities of the materials we use for the buildings themselves, and the possibility of reutilizing them.

The Business Federation of the Spanish Chemical Industry (FEIQUE) represents the Spanish chemical industry, a sector made up of more than 3,000 companies. What are the reasons behind FEIQUE's decision to be an ‘institutional partner' of PharmaProcess?

“In our society, sustainability and commitment to this are essential. Any company, no matter its business area or size, has to act in an ethical and responsible way and must set an example for its employees, clients, partners, environment, as well as for the society in general.

“The Stone Age did not end because of a lack of stones”

(Sheikh Amehd Zaki Yamani, Arabian Oil Minister in the 1980s)

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Telefonica SA Common Stock

NYQ : TEF - 26 May, 4:04pm
-0.04 (-0.35%) After Hours:
Open 11.22 Mktcap 57.00B
High 11.27 52wk Hight 11.64
Low 11.20 52wk Low 8.15
Vol 677776 Avg Vol 1.37M
Eps 0.89 P/e 22.25
Currency: USD

International Business Machines

NYQ : IBM - 26 May, 4:02pm
-0.71 (-0.46%) After Hours:
Open 152.85 Mktcap 143.26B
High 153.00 52wk Hight 182.79
Low 152.06 52wk Low 142.50
Vol 2.44M Avg Vol 4.45M
Eps 13.70 P/e 12.54
Currency: USD

Cisco Systems, Inc.

NMS : CSCO - 26 May, 4:00pm
+0.06 (+0.19%) After Hours:
Open 31.51 Mktcap 157.66B
High 31.59 52wk Hight 34.60
Low 31.36 52wk Low 27.13
Vol 16.36M Avg Vol 19.85M
Eps 2.38 P/e 15.99
Currency: USD

Microsoft Corporation

NMS : MSFT - 26 May, 4:00pm
+0.34 (+0.49%) After Hours:
Open 69.79 Mktcap 540.13B
High 70.22 52wk Hight 70.22
Low 69.52 52wk Low 48.03
Vol 19.82M Avg Vol 22.40M
Eps 3.03 P/e 30.87
Currency: USD

: UB - 01 Jan,
() After Hours:
Open Mktcap
High 52wk Hight
Low 52wk Low
Vol Avg Vol
Eps 4.00 P/e

Vodafone Group Plc

NMS : VOD - 26 May, 4:00pm
+0.07 (+0.23%) After Hours:
Open 29.71 Mktcap 83.86B
High 29.99 52wk Hight 34.70
Low 29.70 52wk Low 24.17
Vol 7.25M Avg Vol 4.20M
Eps 0.67 P/e
Currency: USD