SC Actual Smart City is the only publication in the world that focuses on the Smart City sector; it was created to provide visibility and coverage to the Smart practices all over the world and highlight the potential of this strategic sector. 

Smart Building

SMART BUILDING, the latest addition to our repertoire, displays the latest efforts in sustainable architecture, construction and manufacturing of building materials that seek energy efficiency, environmental respect and durability, created through innovation and research.

Smart Quimic

Smart Quimic is the second smart-focused magazine published by the Smart City Business Institute. Under the motto “knowledge, innovation and sustainability”, the publication provides coverage for and disseminates efforts being made in the renovation and the application of new techniques in such a relevant sector in our country as the chemical industry. Its contents include:

Smart Health

Smart & Health will focus on the dissemination of knowledge involving the health care sector, one of the most active sectors in the Smart world.