Juan Antonio Labat

The Business Federation of the Spanish Chemical Industry (FEIQUE) represents the Spanish chemical industry, a sector made up of more than 3,000 companies. What are the reasons behind FEIQUE's decision to be an ‘institutional partner' of PharmaProcess?

Carlos Schneegluth

“In our society, sustainability and commitment to this are essential. Any company, no matter its business area or size, has to act in an ethical and responsible way and must set an example for its employees, clients, partners, environment, as well as for the society in general.

The Genecom project consists in a portable source based on a direct methanol fuel cell for leisure and entertainment applications


The transformation of biomass into methane (CH4) is one of the possible solutions to some of the energy and environmental issues the world is facing nowadays: decrease/consumption of fossil fuel reserves, a global increase in energy demand and the greenhouse effect, among others.

Salvador Plana

“CAT has always had the willingness and the vocation to respect sustainability, given that it works with a natural resource, essential for life, which is scarce and must be protected. Thus, the need for an efficient use and responsible consumption has presided over the management system in the last years”

Javier Brañas

Javier Brañas, President of the Plataforma Tecnológica Española de Química Sostenible SusChem-España (Spanish Technological Platform for Sustainable Chemistry)


Asociación CELERA was created to identify talented people in Spain and provide them with a set of tools to foster their development and make the most of all its personal potential

“If you believe that there is a solution to every problem you are not an optimistic; you are talented” (Oihana Basilio, director)