Robotic device

The Biomedical Engineering Center at the University of Navarra, or how the cooperation between teams involved in different disciplines may generate value.


Back in 2011, Altran Research -the internal research department in the Altran group- launched the S2D2 project. The project is focused on the outline of evaluation methods to determine the lasting value provided by health solutions from an economic, social and environmental point of view. 

Jerry Kolosky

 “An unsustainable system must either change or break down"

Open Data and the Internet of Everything are changing every market and sector, allowing information to be created, processed and shared faster than ever before. But is this absolute freedom always a good thing? How will it affect new medical ventures? Jerry Kolosky, a renowned e-Health expert and HITC consultant whose line of work has made him team up with firms like WebMD, SigmaCare and Panasonic, shares his thoughts on this and other matters. 

Health innovation

At the end of the first decade of the 21st century, we realized we had run out of money. The financial, economic and social crisis forced us to accept that the growth in healthcare expenditure that had been going steady for years was no longer sustainable.

Ron Dembo

“Our goal is to stimulate a constant and positive behavioral change, focusing mainly in the areas of health and environment”

“We know that people need incentives or rewards tochange their behavior”

Mitzi Laszlo

Discover INNIT, a solution that encourages people to adopt a  healthier lifestyle by helping them understand their daily behavior- and offering rewards to change it for the better. 

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