Patients Know Best and SOMA Analytics, best eHealth solutions developed by an EU SME


In the 2015 edition, 114 SMEs registered and submitted a summary explaining the innovation and potential impact of their solutions. 

The eHealth Competition, that has the endorsement of the European Commission, is an initiative that rewards the best eHealth and mHealth solutions produced by European Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) across Europe. In this competition, there are two Categories depending on the turnover of the companies: Champions (SMEs with turnover more than 0.5 M€), and Promises (with less turnover).

The 2015 edition, first prizes have been awarded to:

  • Champion category - Patients Know Best (UK), with a patient-controlled records that makes integrated care a reality; placing the patient at the centre of the network & empowering self-management.
  • Promise category - SOMA Analytics (Germany), with a smartphone app that enables employees to measure, analyze, and improve their stress levels on a scientifically-validated basis.

The other prizes went to:

  • Dacadoo (Switzerland), with an app that makes lifestyle navigation easier: measure health & wellbeing with a health score, engage in activities, share progress and win challenges.
  • Coimbra Genomics (Portugal) with the solution ELSIE, that allows any physician, anywhere, to access the patient's genome and make personalised clinical decisions during a regular appointment.
  • Minddistrict (Netherlands), that deliver a secure communications platform+digital interventions to doctors to help patients anywhere anytime to develop healthy behaviour.
  • Taniwa Solutions (Spain), with an app that can detect Parkinsons, Alzheimers or Huntingtons 5 years earlier. We work together with neurologists to design specific tests.

The objective of the SME eHealth Competition is to support the business success of European SMEs by giving them visibility together with marketing opportunities to attract customers, partners and external capital. Winners receive also cash prizes, mentoring and free tickets to events.

In the 2015 edition, 114 SMEs registered and submitted a two page summary explaining the innovation and potential impact of their solutions. Based on this information provided, 15 companies were selected for the Final. During the Final, the SMEs had 5 minutes each to explain their solution in front of a Jury of international eHealth stakeholders and sponsors.

The Competition is organized by TICBioMed, a Spanish eHealth association, and has been sponsored by; European Commission; Softserve, a global company dedicated to empowering businesses worldwide; XLHealth, a German based investor for Digital Health Startups. And it has the special support of HIMSS, the global not-for-profit organization focused on better health through information technology (IT).