Electronic pills to measure physiological variables


Bodycap launches e-Celsius®, a capsule that wirelessly and continuously transmits accurate core temperature measurement.

Created in 2011, BodyCap is specialized in the development of miniature electronic sensors and monitors for continual measurement of patients’ physiological variables. In a sector impacted by the aging population and the increasing number of patients suffering from chronic illnesses, this innovative solutions enable healthcare professionals to monitor their physiological condition for diagnostic purposes, monitoring or clinical trials, both within medical or ambulatory care structures. Isabelle Lauret, Bodycap Marketing Director, explains to Smart Health the history and aim of the company. Their first project, the pill e-Celsius®, will be marketed this 2015.


How came the idea of developing miniaturized sensors to capture physiological parameters?

Sebastien Moussay, one of the two founders, assistant professor of University of Caen (Normandy, France), was leading studies in Chronobiology. As he was looking for wireless and accurate solutions to monitor core temperature, he met Fabrice Verjus, doctor in Electronics, working as engineer in a local semiconductor company. Sebastien and Fabrice, by bringing their complementary skills in electronics and life science have created the company and launched their first project, a miniaturised pill, e-Celsius, to measure core temperature.


You have launched e-Celsius, a capsule for temperature monitorization. How does it work?

e-Celsius® is an ingestible pill that wirelessly and continuously transmits accurate core temperature measurement. A dedicated monitor, named e-Viewer®, can store data and trigger alerts in case of threshold overrun. Thanks to an internal memory, the pill stores the last 1500 data. If the communicating device has been temporally distant, the monitor triggers automatic data recovery.


What are the advantages of e-Celsius for healthcare professionals and patients?

Accuracy and reliability: Thanks to this system, e-health professionals will rely on temperature data with no influence from external environment and no risk of error of measurement. Patient friendly: The pill looks like a standard drug for a smooth and easy medication. It is delivered sterilized and safe for organism. Remote monitoring: Healthcare professional are able to get temperature information and alerts without being necessary close to patients.


Which are the main fields of applications?

Sterilized rooms, infectiology, chemotherapy, long surgeries, chronotherapy. But we are also raising interest from high performance sport field.


After being used on animals, have you started clinical trials on human beings?

Clinical trials will start in the next weeks at the Hospital from Caen, Normandy. Availability for sale is targeted in May, 2015, as medical device level 2B.


What are the differences between e-Celsius and the patch e-Tact, another of your products?

Today, BodyCap is sampling its new device e-Tact®, tracking activity, body orientation and acceleration in addition to skin temperature. This discrete and wearable patch allows medical staff to get activity indicators for patients suffering from chronic diseases such as obesity, sleep disorders or heart failure as support for therapeutic reeducation programs.


By Jose L. Cánovas