Health 2.0 announces the final agenda for the upcoming 6th Annual Health 2.0 Europe conference


Health 2.0 announces the final agenda for the upcoming 6th Annual Health 2.0 Europe conference, which is set to convene over the course of three days on May 18-20 in Barcelona, Spain with hundreds of leaders in global healthcare and technology. The agenda highlights includes over 100 speakers, 70 LIVE demos and 24 sessions, workshops and activities.  


The newest speaker additions to the Health 2.0 Europe Conference include Laurent Vandebrouck, (Qualcomm Life) Jesus Marie Fernandez Diaz (Oracle Healthcare), Marc de San Pedro (TicSalut), David Hutchful (Grameen Foundation) and many more found on the final agenda online. Some of the leaders emerging within health care technology include Beddit, Runtastic, North West eHealth, Exovite, Apptimiza and many more. Main topics, panels, and sessions headlining this year’s conference will feature:

Beyond the Pill - Pharma 2.0 discusses the impact of new technologies in pharma - new market access, improved clinical trials, etc - showcasing companies like Bayer Healthcare, Biocat, Sanofi, Vademecum, VitalConnect, TrialReach, CTcue, and MedClinik.

Integrating Care: Tools for Hospitals and Health Professionals bringing together leaders from NHS England to explore the growing hospital 2.0 trend improving healthcare providers daily practice as well as the delivery of care with demos from eGPO,, MIRU Medical Systems, Attensi, Apptimiza, and MESI.

Digital Doctors’ Lounge: Tools for Provider Communication and Collaboration focuses on the most prominent networks being utilized by caregivers around Europe. Leveraging the physician voice are demos from, BMJ, Doc2Doc, Creation Interactive, digitalMedLab, Doctoralia, and InsightMedi.

The Empowered Patient Experience incorporates perspectives from design, policy, and first-hand experience as speakers react to the live showcase of patient engagement tools Pow Health, BestDoctors, BaseHealth, and Emperra.

Reimbursement - The Last Piece of the European Puzzle discusses the role of payers in promoting digital health and showcases reimbursed digital solutions such as Caterna’s and NeuroNation’s. We’ve invited these two success stories, as well as prominent insurer AXA and health IT investor group Peppermint VenturePartners to discuss the impact of this important change in the European landscape.

The Health 2.0 Europe Investor Breakfast: Ahead of the main programme, Health 2.0 Europe brings together the leaders in European investment and the innovative startup network for an exclusive breakfast meeting. Health 2.0 Europe attendees can apply here for a spot at this event and join executives from IFC/ World Bank, Nokia Growth Partners, Bayer Healthcare, Peppermint VenturePartners and many more to discuss business models, examine trends, explore portfolios, and enjoy an intimate meeting together before the start of Health 2.0 Europe. This event is an invite-only opportunity for Health 2.0 Europe attendees.

Other new sessions at Health 2.0 Europe, Barcelona include: Emptying Silos:Building an Open Source Ecosystem, Health 2.0 in Emerging Markets, 5 Myths about VC Funding, Mobile Technologies Supporting Women’s Health, and The Long and Winding Road to Adoption.

Prices will increase on April 30, 2015. Registration is open and available on the main website here.

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