Check@Flash, the connected armchair


Back in 2011, Altran Research -the internal research department in the Altran group- launched the S2D2 project. The project is focused on the outline of evaluation methods to determine the lasting value provided by health solutions from an economic, social and environmental point of view. 


In the framework of the project -a very important project both for Altran and for the French society as a whole- the project team has chosen to accompany the StreamVision society in the multidimensional assessment of an e-health solution : a « connected » armchair called Check@Flash that makes it possible to control the patient’s health and perform a health check in only 7 minutes. The smart, non-invasive armchair ensures easy-to-follow, regular follow-up of non-invasive armchair, and makes it possible for healthcare professionals to check data online in order to manage patient’s health evolution in the best possible way, as well as be ready for any decline in health condition. The solution is assessed according to several parameters, which provides a complete analysis both from the medical/economical, social and technical points of view. 

A tailor-made companion

« In our initial tests with our Check@Flash armchair performed in EHPAD (Établissement d’hébergement pour personnes âgées dépendantes, a nursing home for the disabled elderly people in France), we partnered with Altran Research, and they moved along with us in order to perform an in-situ multidimensional assessment. Altran is a well-regarded agent in the professional arena because of its great expertise and innovation. The significance of the study undertaken by Altran Research and the product innovation contributed by streamVision will benefit both parties in terms of return on investment and quality of life for the elderly. Besides, the collaboration will increase the reliability of results and the study relevance, and it will provide a large amount of information about the impact of the armchair». – Mohamed Rebiai, Stream Vision President

The assessment enables the teams in the S2D2 project, led by Gabrièle Breda, to perform a pilot test and validate their evaluation method.

Evaluation lasted for a total of 18 months, and was initiall done in 4 EHPADs in the areas of Paris and Picardie. Thanks to the protocol and the experiments provided by Altran Research, the streamVision society will have all the business model elements available that will make it possible to obtain a device certification and start the design of a large-scale deployment. A future-oriented e-health solution that won an award in the World Innovation Contest Last July 23rd, StreamVision was given an award in the 2014 World Innovation Contest at the Elysée Palace, attended by the President of the French Republic, François Hollande, and Anne Lauvergeon, president of the «Innovation 2030» commission.

Selected -along with other 109 award-winning participants- among over 1200 competitors, StreamVision has been awarded its prize in the goal number 6 framework : « Silver Economie, innovation at the service of longevity » for its mobile e-health armchair.

« The reward is a result of many years of research and persistence. It is an honour for the StreamVision team to receive this award, which will make it possible to jump from the prototype stage to the product stage, and this was achieved thanks to the contribution by Altran Research in the 4 EHPADs assessment » - Mohamed Rebiai, StreamVision President.

 Gabriele BREDA, PhD

Scientific Manager - Health

Breda GabrielleNormalienne with a PhD in neurosciences, Gabriele  is the scientific advisor of Altran Research projects related to human health. Initially specialized in neurodegenerative diseases, her present work contributes to elaborate new health services. Her main area of expertise is domomedicine, i.e new health solutions at home or during socio-professional activities, based on modern technologies, aimed at providing medical progress.

In this context she develops system engineering approaches based on use-case scenarios in working groups involving the different stakeholders (eg PICADo platform project). She also works on their multidimensional and multi-stakeholders assessment (eg S2D2 project : Sustainable Solutions for Home Support) to analyze their added value, impact of their use, hence sustainability. 

Since her arrival four years ago at Altran Research, she has developed the portfolio of R&D projects in human health with renowned partners, which resulted in several international scientific communications.