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Renato de Castro follows chasing smart cities’ projects. In 2016 he continues visiting vibrant projects around the world following the new trends and sharing everything with you. New chapter: tools that can be used to fire up your project following some modern management models.


Saba has also added specific solutions to its approach to management concepts of mobility in city centres, such as the implementation of the VIA T parking access and payment system. In 2014, 4.4 million VIA T transactions were registered in over 40 car parks.

amec urbis is a cluster association based in Barcelona that groups Spanish industrial companies that offer sustainable solutions to smart cities

In the past 35 years Spanish cities have experienced a deep transformation. The democratic system requiring increased transparency and accountability, now possible through emerging new technologies, has put the citizen at the centre of decision-making for municipal managers.

Integration of automation and information technologies

The term “Smart City” is no longer a new concept. With the rapid development of the Internet of Things (IoT), smart cities are dramatically increasing worldwide, gradually yet subtly becoming a part of everyday life. Advantech is publishing this whitepaper (see image) to increase public understanding by sharing success stories from around the world. This allows local governments planning to implement smart cities to learn from previous cases and, together with Advantech, promote the development of smart cities.

Tel Aviv

Smart city development is a question of when, not if –a question of how, not what. Why? Because we live in a world experiencing economic turmoil, climate change, aging populations, and rapid urbanization. But we also live in the midst of tremendous technological innovations that have the potential to address the major issues that challenge every city.

You’ve probably read in countless places that cities are booming like never before in the history of civilization as centers of residence and commercial activities. It’s also probably clear to most anyone reading this article that there are myriad ways that technology can be harnessed to improve city operations and quality of life for city dwellers. But it may be less apparent what it takes to implement those new technologies and what challenges slow the pace of progress.


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